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Cape Town Live Music


Ferrymans Tavern at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront opened in 1989.

As we all know the live music scene ain’t what it used to be in Cape Town. Gone are the days of 30 music venues for bands. As an agent and lover of music, I am grateful to Ferrymans for providing a space for music in Cape Town.

Ferrymans has nine gigs a week, Monday to Sunday nights as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It’s been my privilege and honour for ms events to book the music there for the last three years.

Not only have the owner and manager  looked after and supported many Cape Tow


I was on stage, singing my guts out to a very quiet, but attentive audience.  I started to feel insecure and in the back of my mind, I thought “I think I’m going to give this up.  Maybe it’s time to quit.”

I looked out at the audience and there was an “older” gentleman who looked me in the eyes and showed me a thumbs-up.  When we ended our set, he came up to me and said “You really must love what you do because I see your passion beaming from you”.  I think it must have been one of the nicest things someone has said to me and I confessed that I was considering giving up