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ShenFm Musings

Shen and his band got a call late on one Sunday evening from an unknown number in Dubai. To his surprise there was a client who wanted ShenFM to perform at their wedding anniversary that following Thursday!

Shen explained that it takes about 3 days to get a Dubai visa so it was cutting it a bit close. Needless to say the visa was in his inbox the following morning. As the band had gigs in Cape Town on Wednesday and Friday, they planned to fly up on Thursday morning and return that very same night, to be ready for Fridays gig back in Cape Town.

So they flew up, performed for 1 hour in a palace, and after the gig quickly packed up to taxi straight back to the airport… but as they left they saw none other than Lionel Richie himself enter the stage!

With heavy hearts they went to the airport, knowing that they had just opened for Lionel Richie without knowing it, and didn’t even get to meet him 🙁