Musical Tubes

Rhythm Workshop specializes in interactive rhythm workshops using musical tubes, African djembe drums, and assorted percussion.

Musical Tubes is a Rhythm Workshop specialty and is most effective with upwards of 80-100 people.

This facilitation is done completely without speaking. Participants (up to 1500 pax) are left astonished at their ability to create rhythm, harmony and melody with plastic tubes! Powerful conference closer/opener which creates synergy with any group of people.

Interactive musical tubes provide a creative slant to training sessions of any nature, as well as to team building, stress relief as well as awesome fun.

With the right focus, music and rhythm have the power to move people’s spirits – to create synergy and a strong sense of common humanity.

Facilitated and run by the incredible Julie Blundell who has lifetime of experience working with rhythm and harmony in various ways, both in workshops and in performance. Julie grew up in a world of music. At the age of 10 she started performing with her father, Keith Blundell, and siblings. As a young adult she performed as a solo artist at Folk Festivals, Folk Clubs and many other venues, and these days performs with her siblings, Caroline and Jonny Blundell.

Julie is adeptly supported by Matthew Catto, a talented drummer, percussionist and singer.

How it works: Every participant has a plastic tube with a light stick; the tube sounds a percussive note when hit with the stick. There are six different notes, identified by colour and length. The participants are seated in six groups in the audience, without being aware of it, and each group has the same pitch musical tube. This only becomes obvious to them a little way into the session.

The group is facilitated to initially just playing the tubes in different rhythms, and then eventually revealing the different notes. Together they play harmonious, rhythmical music, just like a true orchestra. The facilitators on stage also play various percussive and musical instruments to accompany the participants on the tubes, which creates a magical, musical effect.

This facilitation is done completely without speaking and leaves the majority of participants astonished at their ability to create rhythm, melody and harmony with a bunch of plastic tubes! It is a most energising and effective team-builder and creates a wonderful synergy between participants. It also powerfully demonstrates how much one can achieve when any group of people, with good focus and leadership, are united towards a particular goal.

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